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Hydrocarbon generation services

Costain is supporting the UK’s power generation industry as it embraces the critical transition to a low carbon economy.

Combined heat and power

As well as reducing carbon emissions, reducing the cost of energy is a critical issue for UK process and manufacturing industries. Combined heat and power (CHP) is a key contributor to the reduction of industrial energy consumption, providing a more efficient use of fuel as waste heat from electricity generation is recovered for process heating.

Costain provides a full lifecycle capability for the design and build of industrial scale CHP plants, as well as upgrades to existing units. Our multi-disciplinary team can draw on their extensive experience in power plant engineering and specification of rotating machinery to provide optimised solutions to meet the power and steam demands of your site.

Our environmental and planning experts can help you steer schemes through the regulatory planning process. Reliable and safe project delivery is assured, as we draw on the lessons learned from our long track record of construction projects executed to the highest safety standards for highly hazardous, brownfield COMAH sites, and our experience in modular construction techniques.

Recognising the need to decarbonise future energy supply, Costain is able to support developments in hydrogen-powered generation, including hydrogen fuelled CHP plants, as well as reduce the emission impact of existing power plants via carbon capture and storage.


We can draw on a rich base of in-house hydrogen experience, having successfully delivered numerous projects demonstrating the technical and commercial feasibility of hydrogen production, storage and distribution, as well as a fuel source for power and heat.

Carbon capture and storage

Industrial cooling

For more than 20 years Costain has been servicing the cooling tower market for major UK process and industrial clients, offering unrivalled knowledge and application with regards to the safe, efficient operation and maintenance of cooling towers.

Our service offering for wet and dry industrial cooling, precipitators and mechanical services includes design, upgrades, structural overhaul, thermal upgrades, system rebuilds, control system support, plant optimisation, repairs & maintenance, compliance cleaning & inspection, troubleshooting and construction services.

Innovations developed and utilised in delivery of services include adopting paperless compliance documentation and providing a comprehensive overview of cooling tower conditions, as well as enhancing inspections and asset maintenance activities via high definition UAV/drone visual & thermal imaging, offering point cloud data to an accuracy of 25mm.



Costain to take important role in shaping UK industry’s journey to net zero by 2050


Costain selected by Pale Blue Dot to accelerate the UK’s first carbon capture and storage (CCS) project