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Carbon capture and storage (CCS)

The effects of global warming, caused by carbon dioxide emissions, are well known and a source of international concern. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) and other approaches to limit emissions of carbon dioxide from power generation and industrial production are of major importance to the world economy. Technology choice and plant integration are key issues for both retrofit and greenfield designs. Costain has experience of a range of carbon capture technologies, particularly low temperature separation, and is continuing to develop innovative processes.

Our capability

Costain has a wealth of experience in the design of systems for carbon dioxide production, including recovery, purification, compression, dehydration, liquefaction and underground gas storage. Along with our knowledge of the different routes to CO2 capture including pre-combustion, oxyfuel combustion and post-combustion carbon capture; we are in a strong position to be an overall project integrator, delivering a complete solution from source to sink. 

The unusual physical behaviour of high pressure CO2 is a particular consideration in the design of these systems. We can design systems for carbon dioxide conditioning for both pipeline and tanker transport. We are also familiar with the use of carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and have experience in the underground storage of gas in depleted oil and gas reservoirs and salt caverns.

Proprietary technology for excellent performance at minimum cost

Proprietary technology

We continually improve our technologies to optimise the performance of our processes. Recent patents include CO2 removal from oxyfuel flue gas, synthesis gas and natural gas with high CO2 content.

Our technology development is underpinned by experience, which covers a number of different carbon dioxide capture technologies, including:

  • Chemical and physical absorption systems
  • Adsorption (molecular sieve)
  • Semi-permeable membranes
  • Cryogenic gas processing
  • Hybrid schemes

This enables us to take an independent view on process options, offering process selection, conceptual design and assessment of investment opportunities.

Experience in carbon dioxide recovery, pure carbon dioxide production and conditioning for transport


Robert Pitman

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