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Gas compression and storage

Our project experience and knowledge of gas processing and gas compression has enabled us to take up a prominent position in the UK’s gas storage and distribution markets.

Gas storage

Gas Processing Terminal Facilities at Gas Storage Site
E.ON Holford Gas Storage

Our work with a number of european utility majors on underground gas storage in depleted fields and salt strata gives us the expertise required to appraise, select and deliver gas storage solutions which will maximise operational performance and reduce expenditure.

Our solutions provide the operational flexibility and availability to meet gas demand whilst both maximising economic benefits and adhering to strict environmental guidelines.

We have the knowledge to provide you with optimal solutions tailored for your specific gas storage application including:

  • Hydrocarbon dewpoint control
  • Dehydration (including TEG and molecular sieves)
  • Inhibitor injection and regeneration
  • Liquids handling facilities (including slug catchers).

Gas compression

Costain has considerable expertise in gas compression for the oil and gas industry, putting a wealth of gas compression experience at your disposal, from front end consultancy right through to delivering EPCm projects. We can solve your most complex compression challenges.

When assessing the most suitable option for your needs we employ a variety of metrics including BAT (best available technique) and whole life assessments. Our solutions put particular emphasis on:

  • Safety
  • Environmental considerations
  • Lifecycle cost reduction
  • Robust performance and reliability
  • Minimising onsite construction, especially on brownfield sites

Compressor selection is highly customised to individual needs and considers electric motor or gas turbine driven machinery, ensuring all regulatory requirements are met while working closely with the plant operator. We have developed strategies for configuration of compression equipment to maximise reliability, operability and flexibility.


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