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Industrial services

Costain Industrial Services applies the same high standards for which Costain is respected in the engineering world, to support services operations. We listen to each client’s requirements then tailor individual service packages to meet their needs. Acutely aware of the need to reduce costs in today’s business world, we deliver cost effective processes combined with the highest standards of safety and focussed customer care.

All our industrial services operatives are familiar with working in high hazard environments, often on top tier COMAH sites. Their training reflects the specific hazards associated with work in these environments, with safety at the core of everything we do.

Our key service offerings are industrial cleaning (e.g. tanks, vessels, heat exchangers, drains and interceptors), provision of labour for shutdowns and turnarounds (to support maintenance and operations) and waste management.

Confined space entry

  • Tanks and vessels, including septic tanks and grease traps, are the foundation of our on-site operations.
  • External cleaning methods are employed where possible, but where entry into a confined space cannot be avoided, our highly trained operatives are able to undertake the task. This includes the provision of rescue teams. 
  • Where a hazardous atmosphere poses a risk, we supply – and provide training for the safe use of – breathing apparatus.  We pride ourselves in being able to train our team using our own in-house facility.

Drain and interceptor cleaning

We have the capability to carry out applications including:

  •          Sewer cleaning
  •          Culvert cleaning
  •          Surface water drainage system cleaning
  •          Cleaning and de-silting of petrol and oil interceptors
  •          Catch-pit cleaning
  •          Pump pit degreasing and de-silting
  •          Tank bund area cleaning

We offer routine maintenance service around drain and sewer cleaning programmes, tailored to your needs.

High / ultra high pressure water jetting

Costain is a full member of the Water Jetting Association (WJA) and all our operatives are fully trained and registered with the WJA.

  • Jetting at pressures up to 40,000 psi (2,750 Bar)
  • Multiple accessories available to allow the most appropriate to be selected for each individual application.

Catalyst removal

We are experienced in catalyst handling, having many years’ experience of professionally and safely unloading and re-charging petrochemical reactors.

Soda blasting

Use of a jet of water or compressed air with sodium bicarbonate to gently remove coatings such as rust without harming the material beneath. 

Industrial cleaning (non-asbestos)

We are experienced in providing industrial cleaning services on facilities including coke suppliers and power stations.  

Grit blasting

Our teams are experienced in both open and closed grit blasting techniques and will ensure that the required surface finishes are achieved.

Shutdown and turnarounds

We provide operational support in the form of fire watchers, hole watchers, and safety attendants.  With experience of supplying and managing over 300 personnel simultaneously, we are a major supplier during shutdown and turnaround events on a number of high hazard, COMAH registered sites.  Safety is our number one priority, and any temporary staff taken on for such large scale work are trained to the same high standards as our permanent workforce, and in many cases often return to work for Costain on an annual basis.

Waste management

As a licenced waste broker, Costain has the capability to safely handle most classifications of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in solid, liquid or sludge form.  Using our fleet of ADR compliant vacuumation vehicles we will remove a client’s waste and transport it to an appropriate licenced waste treatment facility.

With our own dangerous goods safety advisor, clients’ can be confident that all necessary documentation will be taken care of and their wastes disposed of in a highly professional, safe and legal manner.



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