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Clean and Disinfection Services

Costain has been servicing the cooling tower market for many years and possess unrivalled knowledge with regards to operation and maintenance of cooling towers, safely and efficiently.

We have developed a cooling tower cleaning service which incorporates a wealth of knowledge and experience coupled with innovative techniques, tools and cleaning products.

A long list of accreditations and qualifications including registration with the Legionella Control Association means that Costain is perfectly positioned to undertake any cooling tower cleaning contracts throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

Cleaning and disinfection of a cooling tower is best achieved by removing the cooling tower pack. The pack constitutes the majority of the wetted surface area within a cooling tower system and as such is one of the main areas where scale, debris and bio-film are likely to accumulate. It is the most difficult area to clean adequately.

However, where it is not reasonably practicable to remove the pack from the cooling tower, foam cleaning of the pack in-situ can be carried out. Costain will utilise Pack-Clean, which is designed to clean in-situ by dissolving scale deposits and disinfecting cooling tower surfaces. On lightly scaled and fouled systems it is used as a replacement for packing removal and as a method for lengthening packing lifespan.

Our cooling tower cleaning service guarantees that your plant and equipment are operating within the appropriate laws, guidance and legislation.

Upon completion, a ‘Certificate of Cleaning’ shall be issued as required under Section 68(g) of the ACoP L8 Document.




  • Cleaning and disinfection procedures are in full compliance with L8 ACoP and Guidance Legionnaires Disease
  • The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems, BS 6700:1997 and EC Directive 80/778/EEC
  • All Costain cleaning and disinfection technicians are experienced and qualified, having undertaken all the required training
  • Costain has experience working in array of industries and environments and are therefore flexible enough to work under site or local management rules and instructions
  • Cleaning and disinfection can be employed as a standalone service, or we would be happy to incorporate it into a wider repair and maintenance regime.


Contact our sales team:

Dunscroft, South Yorkshire:            

Mark Raw, Regional Manager
Tel: 07776 307 948  Email: [email protected]

Washington, Tyne & Wear:                 

Bill Robinson, Regional Manager
Tel: 07899 936 471  Email: [email protected]

Coventry, West Midlands:

James Millerchip, Business Development Manager
Tel: 07799 435 629  Email: [email protected]