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Maintenance, Repair and Spare Parts

Costain provide a complete package of services comprising of annual cleaning through to fully comprehensive maintenance, designed to complement or completely replace in-house maintenance regimes.

Our services include an unmatched level of quality advice on system management to deliver high operating availability and efficiency. Our specialist services include:

  • Detailed inspections
  • Internal and external cleans
  • Repairs
  • Refurbishments and upgrades
  • Spare parts

Detailed Inspections

Evaporative cooling towers should be inspected by competent cooling tower engineers. Failed or deteriorating components compromise performance and can lead to an unexpected or catastrophic failure.

Costain offers thorough cooling tower inspections and tests that are carried out by experienced engineers who can determine L8 compliance, the integrity of structural and internal components and overall cooling tower performance.

Our inspections cover all types of cooling towers and include all individual associated passive and mechanical parts. Inspections are followed by full written reports including photographic evidence where permitted,
highlighting any areas of concern or areas requiring further investigation.


Cooling Tower Internal and External Cleans

Costain has unrivalled cooling tower knowledge and are experts in all cooling tower designs, including their integral parts and associated plant. A thorough clean is performed by our experienced cooling tower engineers to ensure optimal operation and performance of your cooling tower asset and prevent premature failure of components. Costain is accredited by the Legionella Control Association, confirming contractor competence. Our technical team will inform you about the latest legislative requirements and make sure your asset complies with current required standards and guidelines. Costain also offer a chemical cleaning or flushing solution as a remedy for special or high volumes of contamination.

Cooling Tower Repairs

A cooling tower’s internal and external structure and its critical components should be periodically maintained and repaired or replaced if necessary to ensure optimal operation, performance and the best possible availability. We offer a repair service for planned shutdowns and an emergency call out repair service for unplanned breakdowns or failures. Costain will supply and repair any cooling tower part whether they are structural, mechanical or individual internal parts, including:

  • Fans
  • Gearboxes
  • Motors
  • Drive shafts
  • Fan stacks
  • Decking
  • Cladding
  • Internal structural members
  • Drift eliminators
  • Distribution parts
  • Cooling medium
  • Louvres
  • Access facilities
  • Timber, GRP, stainless steel

Cooling Tower Refurbishments and Upgrades

Costain senior management, engineering and project management teams have an unrivalled track record in turnkey refurbishments and upgrades. We are therefore able to supply innovative cost and time effective refurbishment and upgrade options especially when outage possibilities are limited, ensuring plant assets are operational quickly. Costain has successfully completed numerous refurbishments, ranging from small package type cooling towers to large multi medium induced and natural draught cooling towers on refineries and power stations.

Our expert engineering teams will help you with increasing your cooling tower performance, decreasing energy consumption, or lowering overall maintenance requirements.


Contact our sales team:

Dunscroft, South Yorkshire:            

Mark Raw, Regional Manager
Tel: 07776 307 948  Email: [email protected]

Washington, Tyne & Wear:                 

Bill Robinson, Regional Manager
Tel: 07899 936 471  Email: [email protected]

Coventry, West Midlands:

James Millerchip, Business Development Manager
Tel: 07799 435 629  Email: [email protected]