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Intelligent infrastructure

Technology is transforming how we personally live and work, and how businesses can meet ever more demanding challenges. This accelerated trend is dramatically improving the capacity, resilience, efficiency and customer service in many industries.

Our clients have the same expectations. They want a smart asset that allows them to provide leading customer service that brings value to the people they serve either through the provision of energy, the delivery of water or access to transport. They also want to optimise their assets performance to increase capacity, improve resilience and step change their efficiency. They have an expectation that their partners use the latest technology to manage their business.

Intelligent infrastructure means the seamless integration of technology from digital systems to advanced material into the final deliverable to the client. We are seeing trends of automation and robotics to increase productivity, the availability of data to make better decisions, the advances in manufacturing improve quality and new materials that change the solutions we provide to the client.

Case study: How we transform the way we deliver our services

Smart delivery platform

Data is transforming the way we deliver our services. Our technology experts are using digitally secure systems to collect data from business processes, smart assets and external data sets such as weather or social media. We then process this data in real time to visualise that information which is then allowing our teams to make better decisions. The use of visualisation and mixed reality then takes this insight, which is improving productivity outcomes of our services, to clients.

The smart delivery platform is deployed on every contract and is scaled to the clients’ requirements. We are using this data in our research programme to identify new opportunities and progress other innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning which is assisting the automation of processes and the delivery of robotic systems.

Through the deployment of the system we are generating new insights in carbon reduction, talent development, improved customer experience and new business models which enhance our services to the client.

Technology facility, Costain

Intelligent infrastructure is providing our clients with a greater opportunity to digitise their assets and create a digital twin with the aspiration to use integrated technology solutions that assist asset optimisation, new methods to deliver complex engineering and learn from data that creates new business models. With a focus on improving customer experience, we believe the integration of technology will transform our business. We're on a journey that will continue to evolve as new technology advances provide new opportunities.

Our research and innovation programme captures interest in:

  • Data driven decision making
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) in infrastructure to enhance customer experience
  • Data security and the protection asset data systems
  • Digital delivery and robotic self-sensing systems
  • Smart infrastructure and remote monitoring
  • Self-sensing materials
  • Mixed reality and digital delivery
  • Virtual water networks.

“I’m responsible for creating a number of Costain’s intelligent infrastructure solutions. Costain’s technology experts combine their deep understanding of real world problems with their extensive knowledge of leading-edge technologies to develop new and innovative solutions to solve our clients’ most complex challenges. In the development of the future road infrastructure for connected autonomous vehicles, Costain is providing the intelligence infrastructure to gather insight and create solutions that will ensure the UK has the safest transport networks.”

Dr Kum Wah Choy, chief engineer at Costain