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Data architecture and management

Maximise the value of organisational data while reducing the costs of managing it

Our data architecture and management services are designed to help you identify the data that’s of most importance to your organisation and use it to create competitive advantage.

Data is one of your organisation’s most valuable assets so our technical experts will work with you to ensure the way you gather, store and share it contributes to your success. We’ll start by developing a deep understanding of the data needs of your organisation and then work with you to put the structures, plans, technology and governance in place to optimise the value of it. We’ll help you ensure you’re investing in high-quality data that’s of most significance to your organisation, and that you’re managing it throughout its lifecycle in a way that meets regulatory requirements, drives results and improves people’s lives.

Data architecture and management

Key benefits 

  1. The right data architecture ensures data meets the needs of the entire organisation and is gathered, stored, shared, archived and removed in line with best practice.
  2. Targets your investment in the data that improves performance, so you don’t spend time and money moving and storing information that doesn’t contribute to your success.
  3. Good data management ensures you have the right systems, processes and people in place to maximise the value of data to your business, and identify, define, escalate and resolve data-related issues.
  4. Ensures the way you gather, store and share data is in line with legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  5. High-quality data will increase leaders’ confidence in the intelligence that underpins their decision making and drives improvements on projects, for example, in safety or social value.


Why choose Costain

Our data and engineering experts have in-depth understanding of regulated infrastructure environments so they can help you identify the data that’s of most importance and put the systems and processes in place to maximise the benefits of it.