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Solutions architecture

Design and deploy the right solution to work faster, smarter, safer and more cost-effectively

We’ll help you identify and deploy the right solution to improve project delivery or organisational performance whether that’s implementing new technology or embedding new processes within your organisation.

Where our enterprise architects can help you take a "50,000-foot view" of a business or project, our solutions architects will zone in on the detailed solution and implementation. They will work with you to understand your goals and then find a cost-effective technical solution to achieve them. Our team includes embedded systems, cloud-based solutions, security, networks and operational technology experts. They work closely with engineering colleagues or external suppliers to identify the most appropriate technologies or processes to deliver performance or safety improvements and then test, refine and deploy them.

Together with our infrastructure architects, they’ll ensure the new technologies work seamlessly with each other and integrate with your existing technical infrastructure. They’ll also make sure the solutions that are implemented meet industry requirements and support your organisation’s business strategy for scaling, data security, or supporting a drive towards mobile integration.

A2M2 testbed

Key benefits 

  1. A combination of expert advice, leading-edge digital solutions and implementation that help you overcome your strategic and operational challenges.
  2. Consultation and engagement that considers the needs of all stakeholders from business management to business users and IT.
  3. Help assessing the building vs. buying decisions, which technology platforms to use at what scale and the least disruptive deployment options.
  4. New technologies that are designed to improve performance or safety, reduce costs or speed up delivery as well as tailored solutions to address domain-specific challenges.
  5. Seamless integration of new technologies with your existing infrastructure and systems to minimise the risk involved in deploying new technologies.
  6. Support with managing and engaging your teams during concept design, development and implementation, mentoring and training personnel as well as monitoring strategic relationships.


Why choose Costain

Our engineering expertise and award-winning digital solutions helping to create the infrastructure of the future, such as connected and autonomous vehicles, help you create a way of working and a digital fabric that is future ready.