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3D design and printing

Make it quicker and easier to innovate with 3D design and printing

3D design and printing
3D print of Gatwick airport

Key benefits

  1. 3D design and printing make it quicker, easier and more cost-effective to design bespoke components for complex infrastructure projects.
  2. Our in-house computer-aided design experts have extensive experience of working on large-scale projects, which reduces the time it takes to move from an idea to the right result.
  3. Multiple parts of various sizes can be printed in plastic and be tested and assembled before you commit to metalwork.
  4. Modelling technology helps to remove uncertainty during design, which cuts the time needed for prototyping from six weeks to as little as two days.
  5. Our CAD experts work alongside our other engineering and digital technology specialists, which means there is no need to outsource 3D design and printing services. Projects can be delivered by one integrated, multidisciplinary team.
  6. Speed up the design and testing process so you can react more quickly to unforeseen events and seize new opportunities.


Why choose Costain

Our computer-aided design engineers are part of our larger team of infrastructure experts. They’ll work together and with you to ensure that designing, testing and optimising new components is right first time for the infrastructure environment and doesn’t slow your project down.