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Augmented and virtual reality

Immersive technologies that enable you to test and rehearse digitally so that you can deliver more safely, more quickly and more cost-effectively

We’ve developed a suite of tools that create an immersive, virtual environment for you to plan, or test your designs in, before committing to real-world deployment or delivery. Our bespoke augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) technologies are designed by our in-house team to meet the requirements of organisations in the infrastructure sector.

They’re the final step in a comprehensive solution that starts with data gathering, for example, using drones or geospatial platforms, and culminates in an immersive and 5D virtual world. We don’t rely on third parties, which means your data is stored safely within our own system throughout the project.


Key benefits

  1. Visualising an environment or checking the condition of an asset before you go on site improves awareness and minimises risk. This is particularly important for colleagues working in hazardous situations.
  2. Being able to test and optimise your designs or layouts before they’re built helps you avoid problems, reduce costs and speed up delivery.
  3. You can link to multiple live environments using our platform, which enables you to create a virtual control room from the comfort of your home.
  4. Questions can be answered, and issues addressed, in a real-time and collaborative environment to ensure your project stays on schedule.
  5. You can run impact scenarios to better understand how weather events, emergencies or outages will affect your operation, which minimises downtime.


Why choose Costain

 We’ve developed our own visualisation tools grounded in our deep knowledge of infrastructure, which means you don’t have to rely on off-the-shelf solutions that aren’t built for the sector. We ensure that all learning about the technology is applied to the project.