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Monitoring and situational awareness

Increased awareness improves safety and minimises disruption on your network

We develop leading-edge monitoring and situational awareness technology that meets the needs of large-scale infrastructure operators and public authorities. Our team also delivers 24/7 support to ensure assets are reliable and secure. 

Our CCTV, data and video management tools help operators and authorities minimise disruption and improve the safety of our critical transport networks. The technology is reliable, secure and resilient and we work with you to ensure it adds value throughout its lifetime with important updates, maintenance and 24/7 support.

Our leading-edge solutions enable you to proactively manage your network, for example, the flow of traffic, or movement at stations or on platforms, and to make the footage more accessible, even remotely. We understand the cost of disruption – to people’s safety and to your company – and use our engineering and technical expertise to help you ensure your operations run smoothly.

Monitoring busy cities for increased safety

Key benefits 

  1. Improve safety and minimise disruption on your network with the latest surveillance and monitoring technology.
  2. Choose products that are tailored to meet the complex requirements of large-scale infrastructure operators and public authorities.
  3. Our technology is resilient – it’s built to ensure you don’t lose connectivity and oversight in critical operating environments.
  4. Video analytics improve your ability to monitor a situation in real time, so you can make timely decisions to ensure people’s safety.
  5. CCTV footage is more accessible so you can proactively manage what’s happening on your network.


Why choose Costain

Our decades of experience of working in the UK infrastructure industry means we understand the challenges you face and the regulatory environment you operate within.