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Clean energy and decarbonisation

At Costain, we recognise the pressing need for the UK to increase the pace of decarbonisation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The UK has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. To meet this target, we must make significant changes in the way we heat our homes, power industry, generate electricity and fuel our vehicles.

What might this mean?

  • Innovations are needed to meet the challenges of nuclear new build programmes. 
  • New technologies and solutions must be developed to efficiently and safely manage the country’s nuclear legacy. 
  • To make generation, transmission and use of hydrogen for heat and transport a reality, we must create a hydrogen economy. 
  • Carbon capture technology is required to enable production of clean hydrogen in large enough quantities. 
  • More renewable power will be required to meet the increased electricity demands of electric cars and green hydrogen production. 

The Costain solution

Our engineering and consultancy experts do this by shaping strategy, defining technology solutions, complex project delivery and asset optimisation.

What we offer

  • Energy market development: Our solutions are engineered with a practical focus, shaping the future hydrogen and CCUS market.
  • Industry decarbonisation: We help our clients reduce their energy costs, which in turn contributes to the UK meeting its emissions targets.
  • Curiosity, diversity of thought and ability to innovate: We ask, we listen, and we use the experts and innovative thinkers in our Research & Development and Digital Technology teams in the relentless pursuit of doing things better and making innovation happen.
  • Complex programme delivery pedigree: Our proven track record in complex programme delivery and drive to pioneer new ways of working not only assures delivery but also ensures safer, smarter, faster, better and more cost-effective delivery.

Specialist services


We help our clients get the best results from their investment by providing advice, engineering, design and management expertise in all aspects of project delivery from concept, through construction and commissioning, to decommissioning and disposal. 

Our consultants work in nuclear new build, asset optimisation and life extension, and decommissioningdeveloping ground-breaking technologies to safely manage and reduce the volume of the UK’s legacy waste. 

Learn more about our capabilities in nuclear.


Costain has been carrying out consultancy and engineering in hydrogen and CCUS for many decades. Our gas processing and safe gas handling knowledge make us the best people to support the deployment of hydrogen and CCUS. We are at the forefront of transforming the entire hydrogen value chain, from production, storage, deblending and distribution to carbon capture and storage. Learn more about how we can use our knowledge and experience to shape the future of the UK’s power, transport and heating sectors.



Renewables will play a vital role in producing increasing amounts of clean energy to accommodate the demands of electric vehicles and hydrogen production. Our unique intellectual property for renewables and sustainability solutions mean we can help clients by: 

  • Creating cost effective, highly efficient schemes to convert renewable electricity into hydrogen
  • Developing schemes from concept, feasibility and FEED
  • Providing planning and environmental consultancy
  • Supporting final investment decisions through generation of investment grade CAPEX and OPEX
  • Consulting on suitable location and design for new renewable projects
  • Offering programme management and project evaluation
  • Providing asset management advice and optimisation of assets.

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