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Systems approach

Reduce the cost of infrastructure development and operation while increasing the benefits

Our systems-based approach practitioners will ensure that the individual elements of your major infrastructure project all help to deliver project outcomes.

By addressing the most pressing challenges faced by our customers, we engineer pioneering and innovative solutions to transform the performance of infrastructure.

We use a systems approach to create connected, sustainable, and efficient infrastructure to enable people and the planet to thrive.

Infrastructure works in complex environments where successful outcomes depend on understanding interrelationships between the system elements and optimising the performance, efficiency, resilience, and affordability of the system.

We’re embedding systems engineers in our project teams to help you see your road, railway, defence, water, or energy project as part of a broader ecosystem. We then use our systems thinking, engineering, integration and assurance framework methods, techniques, and tools to show the changes that could be made to each element to ensure they contribute to the effective delivery of the project outcomes and maximise the entire value chain.

Our systems-based approach framework enables, and contributes to, data centric decision making to ensure your day-to-day investment decisions are aligned with the company’s broader strategy.

Key benefits 

  1. Reducing project costs by taking a systems approach across the entirety of the project from vision through to decommissioning.
  2. Reducing timescales on projects through structuring problems in ways that consider the whole system and its relationship to stakeholders and then enabling the project to visualise and understand, plan, and progressively measure for successful outcomes.
  3. Engaging our systems-based approach practitioners will bring better results and drive solutions through an optimised path to achieve sustainable and efficient benefits from your investment, on the project and for the community.


Why choose Costain

Our experience of designing, delivering and operating complex infrastructure schemes means we know where to look for leverage points and constraints within the delivery stages enabling us to reduce risks, increase opportunities and drive the greatest efficiency and value across the project lifecycle.



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