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Signs, signals and sensors

Keep people safe, informed and moving with our advanced and reliable technology

We design, develop, test, deploy and maintain smart monitoring and control technology for operators of the UK’s transport networks. Our leading-edge digital solutions include message signs, sensors, signalling and CCTV.

Our smart monitoring and control technology helps infrastructure operators ensure traffic flows smoothly across our busy networks, whether it be vehicle, train or people traffic. We develop, test and deploy message signs, sensors and CCTV to provide our clients with the information and tools they need to make decisions collaboratively, act quickly, issue alerts, manage incidents and keep network users informed. Our systems are designed for high performance and reliability, reducing the maintenance requirement. The capability for remote maintenance reduces costs and improves safety.

The sensors we deploy gather vital data that can be used to inform network operators and drivers of congestion or speed restrictions, and CCTV gives operators ‘eyes’ on the road, rail or pedestrianised areas providing crucial information needed to keep networks moving and people safe.


Dartford crossing

Key benefits 

  1. We can provide this service at whatever scale is required and if a network of signs, signals or sensors is needed, we can also integrate the necessary control room technology into existing systems and provide 24/7 operational support.
  2. A network of CCTV cameras or sensors providing live data enables fast and efficient decision making as all key stakeholders can view the live video or sensor data to make decisions collaboratively and act quickly.
  3. Our technologies are designed to withstand the challenging operational environment – they’re reliable, energy efficient and robust.
  4. Our reliable monitoring and control technology requires minimal maintenance but in addition we have developed the innovative remote maintenance access service (RMAS) that ensures continued systems availability, minimising maintenance visits and improving workforce safety.


Why choose Costain

We have extensive experience of the transportation sector, which means we can work with you to ensure there is a seamless and quick transition from development to testing, and then into operation.

Technology in action