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Process technology

Adrian Finn

Having led almost 100 feasibility studies, with 25 granted patents and 40 years’ experience under his belt, Adrian Finn, process technology manager, is perfectly placed to provide clients with leading-edge climate change solutions as part of our recently launched climate change action plan.

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Process technology manager

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Process engineering

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Cryogenic gas processing

About Adrian

Having led multidisciplinary engineering teams and acted as lead process engineer on many major oil and gas process facilities, his wide-ranging skills are highly applicable to the development of solutions to decarbonise the energy and industrial sectors, including carbon capture and hydrogen production, energy efficiency, fuel switching and performance optimisation.

Adrian on how his role has helped clients tackle climate change

Knowing that energy efficiency is critical to climate change mitigation, Adrian has built his career on using thermodynamic principles in process plant design to minimise energy consumption and optimise plant designs, helping clients minimise carbon emissions and reduce costs.

The customer focussed consultant highlights cryogenic processing as the most energy efficient technique for many separation challenges. Having good knowledge of appropriate design techniques gives process engineers a great understanding of all energy-efficient design.

The chemical engineering and fuel technology graduate cites his post-graduate education with the world’s leading authorities in “Pinch Analysis” (the most significant development in process engineering and energy efficiency in the last half-century) and use of its principles as having underpinned his whole career.

Adrian on global collaboration needed to address climate change

Adrian believes the key challenges to climate change are not technology and engineering issues but the need for co-ordination between world governments on implementation of common decarbonisation goals around the incentivisation of technology development, building and operation of facilities based on alternative “green” energy, especially for heat, to supply industry, transportation and commercial and domestic properties.

Climate change is well-proven. Reduction in carbon emissions is essential to limit global temperature rise and prevent catastrophic natural events and major threats to life.
Adrian is a fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, has over sixty publications in technical journals and authored Section 16, on “Hydrocarbon Recovery”, in the latest GPSA “Engineering Data Book”.

He is leading Costain’s work on low temperature process technology for efficient carbon capture in large-scale hydrogen production.

Connect with Adrian on LinkedIn.

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