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We work with our customers on the transition to clean energy while providing practical solutions that improve the efficiency, sustainability and resilience of existing infrastructure.

From targeted net-zero emissions by 2050, to concerns around the security of supply, the increasing awareness of climate change impacts and rising energy prices, the UK energy sector is facing significant challenges from political, environmental and social pressures. To solve these challenges and meet the targets, major changes need to be made to the way energy is produced, transported, stored and used.

How Costain can help?

We continue to work with industry, transport and energy utilities to shape the decarbonised energy systems of the future. Our deep client insight and industry knowledge, gained over 155 years of delivering integrated complex programmes across multiple sectors, equips us to provide advice and practical options that help our clients and Government to effectively transition to a sustainable clean, green energy future and achieve better outcomes.

Specialist services

Energy transition

To meet the UK’s decarbonisation target, we must make significant changes in the way we heat our homes, power industry, generate electricity and fuel our vehicles. We believe one of the most practical options to achieve clean energy growth is hydrogen. Our engineering and consultancy experts are supporting clients, industrial clusters and key stakeholders with their strategic intentions around hydrogen to move us rapidly towards a decarbonised economy.

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Oil and gas

We provide safe, reliable solutions to complex challenges across the offshore and onshore oil & gas sectors. From feasibility studies and project management to full EPCm projects, our experts deliver innovation and engineering excellence across the whole project lifecycle.

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Our highly skilled team get the best results from our clients’ investments by providing advice, engineering, design and management expertise in all aspects of project delivery, from concept, through construction and commissioning, to decommissioning and disposal.

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Electricity and gas networks

We bring an asset lifecycle perspective to energy infrastructure projects supported by seamless transitions between project phases, and shortened lead times and outages. This is ideal for a RIIO environment - a performance-based model introduced by Ofgem to set price controls to ensure consumers pay a fair price for this investment. 

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Industrial cooling

Our industrial cooling team applies the same high standards for which Costain is respected in the engineering world to support services operations. We listen to each client’s requirements then tailor individual service packages to meet their needs. We deliver cost effective processes combined with the highest standards of safety and customer service.

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The journey to net zero

We look at the bigger picture and work with communities to develop resilient and reliable low carbon energy ecosystems. Together we can create the connected, sustainable infrastructure to help people and the planet to thrive.

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Matt Browell-Hook
Sector Director - Energy
0161 910 3444
[email protected]

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