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Our purpose

Our purpose is to improve people’s lives by creating connected, sustainable infrastructure that enables people and the planet to thrive.

Brand 2017

Through our smart contracting and consultancy solutions we help our customers across the UK’s transportation, water, energy and defence sectors to improve their business performance by enabling their infrastructure programmes to be safer, better, greener, faster and more efficient.

We operate through two divisions: natural resources and transportation. Within the natural resources division we serve our water, energy and defence sectors and within the transportation division, we serve the rail, highways and aviation/ borders sectors. Our culture and values underpin everything we do.

Our strategy is to focus on blue-chip clients whose major spending plans are underpinned by strategic national needs, regulatory commitments, legislation or essential performance requirements.

Clear set of priorities

We are committed to meeting our customers' needs. Our culture and values underpin everything we do.

As a result, our five key priorities are:

  • Achieve sustainable growth in profit
  • Deliver value and innovation for our clients
  • Broaden our integrated service delivery
  • Operate responsibly and safely
  • Attract and develop new skills.

Our core values and behaviours

Our values are what we believe in, what we stand for as an organisation, what we hold true. They are a guide to our behaviours and the way we work and are a cornerstone of the culture in Costain.

We have four core values which are underpinned by four core behaviours. Our values are Integrity, which is about doing the right things in the right way. Customer focus, which is about striving for excellence through really understanding, anticipating and meeting our customer needs. Safety and Wellbeing, which is about making sure that personal safety and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do and Environmental and social responsibility, which is about helping our environment and communities thrive.

These values are underpinned by our core set of behaviours. Be collaborative is about being connective, being inclusive and teamwork. Be curious is about being innovative, agile and constantly learning. Be caring is being empathetic and considerate in what we do and Be courageous is about being bold and committed to being better.

Costain values and behaviours


What we do

Our culture