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Industrial cooling

Solutions for safe and efficient plant operations

From focus on operating plants safely and efficiently whilst complying with strict emissions limits and environmental targets, the UK industrial cooling sector is facing significant environmental and operational challenges. To solve these issues and meet targets, plants must be managed efficiently and innovatively.

What might this mean?

  • Decarbonisation of energy and industrial systems
  • Improving air quality through electrostatic precipitator services
  • Design and structural upgrades, thermal upgrades, system rebuilds, and control system support
  • Improving cooling tower performance
  • Reducing overall repair and maintenance requirements
  • Compliance cleaning and inspection
  • Innovations in delivery of services including paperless compliance documentation and digital asset management

The Costain solution

Costain offers a holistic approach to asset optimisation and management in the industrial cooling sector. Our clients within power generation, chemical, petrochemical, food, cement, steel and general manufacturing industries are governed by stringent regulations and legislation.

For more than 20 years, Costain has been working in partnership with our clients to provide innovative solutions for the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of cooling towers.

We offer inspection regimes tailored to your asset requirements, carried out by specialist personnel during both planned outages and impromptu stop periods. Repair and maintenance procedures are engineered to suit the client’s requirements to resolve faults found and ultimately improve performance.

Our industrial cooling team offers:

  • Expert knowledge and experience: We help clients to operate plants safely and efficiently and reduce environmental impact. We do this through our bespoke services for wet and dry industrial cooling, precipitators, and mechanical services. These include design, upgrades, structural overhaul, thermal upgrades, system rebuilds, control system support, plant optimisation, repairs and maintenance, compliance cleaning and inspection, troubleshooting and construction services.
  • Innovation in delivery: Through better use of digital applications when conducting asset inspections, we automate compliance documentation providing a comprehensive overview of cooling tower conditions.
  • Cross sector best practice: We identify new, innovative solutions to specific situations by drawing upon multi-disciplinary capabilities and experience from other parts of the Group including energy, water, and climate change solutions.

Contact Mark Blackham to learn more about Costain's industrial cooling services

Our service offerings

Cooling tower installation

Our cooling tower lifecycle services include supply and installation, for blue-chip companies that are involved in activity critical to the UK. With extensive experience implementing complex projects, we provide engineering capacity, project management, supervision, and qualified, skilled labour to your requirements.

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Clean and disinfection

We have been supporting the cooling tower market for many years and possess unrivalled knowledge about operating and maintaining cooling towers, safely and efficiently. We provide cooling tower cleaning and disinfection services based on a wealth of knowledge and experience, combined with innovative techniques, tools and cleaning products.

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Digital structural timber testing

Costain supports clients with digitalising timber testing for greater structural accuracy. Our innovative solution for measuring the structural integrity of timber framed cooling towers provides an accurate reflection of your cooling tower’s structural condition.

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Condition monitoring for evaporative cooling towers

We provide a range of condition monitoring services to allow maintenance to be scheduled, or actions to be taken to avoid the consequences of failure, before this occurs. Services include vibration testing and analysis, dynamic balancing, laser alignment and endoscope inspections.

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Cooling tower maintenance, repair and spare parts

Costain provides a full range of services from annual cleaning, through to fully comprehensive maintenance. These are designed to complement or completely replace in-house cooling tower maintenance, repair, and spare parts maintenance regimes.

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Chemical cleaning

Our chemical cleaning processes improve operational efficiency, help extend the life of equipment, plant and pipework, and enhance compliance with legionella prevention and control measures. We provide safe, economic and effective services for both specialised and routine cleaning. This minimises disruption during pre-commissioning and routine maintenance of plant and equipment.

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Further capability

Electrostatic precipitator services

Costain helps clients improve air quality and meet emissions targets through electrostatic precipitator services. We specialise in servicing electrostatic precipitators and fabric filters of all designs, enabling our customers to continue to comply with their statutory emission limits.

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Air quality systems services

Costain delivers service solutions covering air pollution control equipment inspection, overhaul, and upgrade. Our team has considerable experience, coupled with a strong client service focus which enables us to deliver best practice in plant optimisation.

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Industrial cooling capability

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