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Energy transition

Supporting the UK's commitment to net zero carbon

To make decarbonisation of the UK a reality, a mix of clean fuels will be required to meet increasing energy demands. Nuclear power, hydrogen generation with carbon capture and hydrogen generation from renewable electricity will be instrumental in providing clean, reliable energy for 2050 and beyond.

Our energy sector team can support you with:

  • Fuel switching - conversion from traditional to renewable fuel supplies such as green electricity or hydrogen
  • Energy optimisation - assessment of overall heat and power requirements with an aim to reduce inefficiencies and improve overall performance, reducing costs and carbon emissions
  • Carbon capture, transportation and sequestration - to capture emissions and provide long term sequestration
  • Hydrogen generation and transportation - low carbon hydrogen generation (green and blue) to support client fuel switching or for sales
  • Specialist studies such as carbon life cycles assessment or specialist design activities in support of carbon reduction objectives.

Supporting the energy transition

Hydrogen and CCUS

Our gas processing and safe gas handling knowledge and experience make Costain a reliable and trusted partner to support the deployment of hydrogen and CCUS. We are at the forefront of transforming the entire hydrogen value chain, from production, storage, deblending and distribution to carbon capture and storage.

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Transport energy

Our transport energy consultants offer advice on the optimum solution to decarbonise fleets, taking into account factors such as vehicle type, journey frequency & duration, and refuelling strategies. From local authorities to utility companies, if you are looking to decarbonise your vehicle fleet, we can help.

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The journey to net zero

We look at the bigger picture and work with communities to develop resilient and reliable low carbon energy ecosystems. Together we can create the connected, sustainable infrastructure to help people and the planet to thrive.

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Energy transition news