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Industry associations and policy shaping

As well as advising project developers and designing hydrogen and CCS systems, we work with industry groups to promote and advance the decarbonisation of the UK through hydrogen. We also advise Government on the technical considerations of the transition to a hydrogen economy.

Industry groups

North West Hydrogen Alliance

The aim of the alliance is to bring together the relevant organisations to highlight how the North West of England could make hydrogen energy a reality in the UK, helping to bring down the region’s CO2 emissions and supporting clean growth.

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The Wales Hydrogen Trade Association is the membership body to advance the hydrogen economy in Wales in the 2020s. The association works as an advocate and capacity-builder.

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Decarbonised gas alliance

The DGA is an alliance of over 50 gas producers, transporters, suppliers and users, hydrogen and carbon capture experts, alongside R&D, supply chain, trade union and local government specialists whose knowledge and expertise will be vital in decarbonising the UK’s gas system and improving poor air quality.

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