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What we do

We offer our clients leading edge solutions that are digitally optimised across the whole life cycle of their assets by integrating five core services.

Integrated leading edge smart infrastructure solutions

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Our services

We help to influence, shape and deliver solutions through leading concept, design and programme management consultancy for our clients’ complex and niche engineering problems.

Consultancy and advisory

Our services

We deploy technology-based solutions across project lifecycles to create value and achieve complex outcomes for clients.

Digital technology solutions

Our services

We support the whole-life of our clients' infrastructure assets to ensure their assets function as effectively as possible to deliver an improved service to their customers.

Asset optimisation

Our services

We have broadened our delivery track record across a wider range of services to ensure recognition as the most reliable delivery partner.

Complex programme delivery

The sectors we operate in


We deliver end-to-end asset lifecycle solutions across the entire railway, from major station projects to multi-disciplinary rail projects.

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We are focused on shaping and delivering client outcomes for the aviation industry, ensuring maximum efficiency of existing assets and developing new, sustainable and leading edge solutions.


We are a leading provider of end-to-end highway services, delivering technology-led solutions for our customers.

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We are a leading provider of engineering solutions to UK water utility companies across the asset lifecycle.

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Energy networks and storage

We play a significant role in safely delivering the energy infrastructure that will satisfy the UK’s future needs.

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Oil & gas and hydrocarbon generation

We have been central to the evolution of the UK’s energy infrastructure, helping to manage our natural resources, power generation and distribution, for over 60 years.

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Clean energy and decarbonisation

We recognise the pressing need for the UK to increase the pace of decarbonisation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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We are supporting the UK Ministry of Defence to achieve strategic transformation, whilst maintaining the overriding need to be able to adapt to rapidly changing threat scenarios.

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Our services

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