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Costain Launches New Employee Engagement Survey

23 May 2011

Costain, in line with its Costain Cares initiative, is launching a new employee engagement survey that aims to gather feedback from everyone in the Company on how it can improve as a business.

Feedback is an essential part of that process and that is why everyone from across the organisation is being asked to take part and to share their views on what matters to them.

The survey is due to be rolled out on 1st June until 24th June.

People will receive a personal email invitation to complete the online survey, which contains between 60-70 questions and once the survey has been completed, Get Feedback, an independent organisation that specialises in employee engagement, will collate the results and ensures the anonymity of all those taking part.
The Company also intends to donate £1 to charity for every questionnaire completed, with the Employee Consultative Committee choosing which charity will be the beneficiary.

Christina Wade, Costain’s HR Director, says the positives arising from greater engagement include better communication, feeling more involved in the business and having a stake in the Company’s future.
“We know that our people are the key to driving our business forward and we want to ensure we have a formal way to engage with them and to capture their ideas.  We know that businesses succeed and develop when people think creatively and innovatively about ways they can help, both themselves and their customers,” said Christina.

Charles Sweeney, Managing Director of Costain’s Energy and Process Division, agrees, adding that the survey is a natural extension of what Costain does better than anyone and that is listening to its customers.

“Engagement is one of the key drivers of our business. We can’t work as closely as we do with our customers in Energy and Process without high levels of engagement. As a business we need that feedback,” said Charles.

The survey ties in with the launch of Costain Cares, the Company’s new operational drive to build a longer-term sustainable business, which has been designed to create greater economic, environmental and social value for its stakeholders, including its employees.

Alan Kay, Managing Director of the Environment Division, believes it’s important that everyone buys into the employee survey because it will help the overall success of the Choosing Costain strategy as well as the long-term goals of the Costain Cares initiative.

“Costain’s greatest asset is its people. The successful delivery of the Choosing Costain strategy and Costain Cares is reliant upon buy-in by all of our employees. Open and honest feedback from the forthcoming Employee Engagement Survey is fundamental in helping us achieve this,” said Alan.

The results of the survey will be used to create action plans that will be implemented either at a Group wide or local level.

Past examples of where employee feedback has made a difference includes adopting a holiday buy scheme, a share save scheme and childcare vouchers. 

Darren James, Managing Director of Costain’s Infrastructure Division, says that the survey is an excellent opportunity to give feedback and make suggestions for the benefit of everyone.

“Even suggestions about making small changes count just as much as the “big” ideas. The employee survey gives everyone a voice to make relevant observations and recommendations that can be acted upon for everyone’s benefit,” said Darren.