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Spreading The Technology Message

08 September 2015

Selling the value of mobile technology to the establishment or less technology-aware personnel was one of the aims of a COMIT Graduate Day organised by Costain.

COMIT – Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT – is an organisation made up of members from the construction industry, software vendors, academics and individuals, all with a common interest in mobile technology within construction.

The organisation is keen to encourage younger personnel from the industry to join its membership. Costain Mobile Building Information Modelling (BIM) Technician, Harrison O’Hara, therefore organised a special Graduate Day, which was held at the Bentley Academy in London.

“The day was divided into various workshops and included guest speakers, such as David Wood, the Chairman of the London Futurists, addressing the impact that this direction of technology will have on society,” said Harrison, who is mid-way to securing an engineering doctorate looking at mobile IT in construction.

Today’s graduates have grown up around technology, whereas older, more experienced employees have learnt such skills along the way. In one of the workshops COMIT invited an ‘old school’ Project Leader from another construction company, Mike Park, to highlight the concerns of disruptive technology across the industry.

He set out his daily routine, the way he had always worked over the past few decades. The graduates were then given a task to open his eyes to the technologies available in today’s market place. “Proving the point that people may not be aware of the more streamlined methods of working on construction sites today, at the same time remembering the importance of safety, quality and costs,” said Harrison.

Attendees were also asked to think about an ‘app’ that has impressed them recently and asked if that format could be replicated or adapted in some way that could be used as an app for their work life. “It’s really about getting graduates to think about the technology they take for granted in their home and social life and considering if features within such ‘apps’ could be used at work,” he added.

“The day also included investigating new technologies such as 3-D printing robotics and the ‘internet of things’ and the best uses for these products within the construction environment.

“The aim is to start up a graduate community within the industry where ideas can be exchanged and new technologies discussed with people on the same wavelength. Given the success of the day the plan now is to spread the word (through COMIT, LinkedIn and various forms of social media) to hold a regular gathering once a year to review the new technologies on the horizon and how they will have an impact on the construction business of tomorrow.”

  • For more information or to sign up for the next COMIT graduate day please email [email protected] 

CAPTION: More than 30 people got together for the first COMIT graduates day.



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