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Top Environmental Award For Paddington New Yard

2 June 2016

Costain has won Crossrail’s top environmental award for its work on the Paddington New Yard project (C336).

Crossrail’s ‘Green Line Award’ rewards individuals and teams for tackling environmental issues and supporting environmental best practice. Chris Sexton, Crossrail’s Technical Director, presented the award to the project team.

Paddington New Yard is located between the Westbourne Park Tube station and Paddington National Rail station, and contains both the Royal Oak Portal and Westbourne Park Crossrail worksites. The contract includes the construction of a new 180m long elevated bus deck which connects to Westbourne Park Bus Garage, the relocation of an existing concrete batching plant, and preparatory works for the installation of new rail track and associated systems.

“We are delighted to receive a Green Line Award from Crossrail. This award is important for the project because it represents recognition of a team-wide effort to deliver a project where exemplary environmental management is integral to its success and not just a ‘nice-to-have’,” said Robert Lockwood, the Environment Manager working on the project.

The award scheme aims to improve environmental awareness and achieve positive environmental behaviour change across all of Crossrail’s sites, with the ultimate aim of improving environmental performance.

In order to obtain the award, the team had to submit a comprehensive assessment of the project which demonstrated their achievements against a set of clearly defined criteria. These included:

• Project leadership and buy-in on environment related matters associated with the project;
• Establishment and achievement of stretching environmental objectives and targets;
• Monitoring, learning and communication of environmental performance;
• Provision of guidance and learning to all project team members;
• Embedding environmental management in the decision making processes of the project;
• Daily / weekly communication of relevant environmental issues to the site team;
• Timely reporting of environmental incidents and the communication of lessons learnt;
• Positive behaviour change by site staff / operatives over the course of the project life time.

One of the main areas under assessment was environmental behavioural change and raising awareness about environmental issues.

This was successfully demonstrated through a range of methods including a simple but extremely effective initiative called the “Ring Before You Roller” campaign.

The campaign was initiated following complaints from site neighbours after rollering activities commenced on site during early summer 2015. The complaints were related to the necessary use of the vibratory roller on site.

“The initiative, which involved careful planning and liaison with neighbours, and the way in which it was implemented meant that the site team successfully took ownership of the issue,” said Tracey Taylorson, the project Community Liaison Manager, adding that work progressed without delays and with the support of Westminster City Council.

The Green Line Award cannot be awarded based on short-term initiatives as the evidence submitted needs to demonstrate consistent ‘buy-in’ from everyone on the site over a period of time. Follow-up site visits from a Crossrail Environmental representative also ensures that improvements have been made.

When Crossrail opens it will increase central London's rail-based transport network capacity by 10%, supporting regeneration and cutting journey times across the city. Crossrail services are due to commence through central London in 2018.

For more information about Crossrail’s Green Line Recognition Scheme, please click on the link below:

Crossrail’s Green Line Recognition Scheme

Caption: Matt Aston, Project Director for Paddington New Yard, receives the Green Line Award from Chris Sexton, Technical Director at Crossrail.


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