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Costain CMB training programme

New behaviours improve relationships with key industry stakeholders

Our consultants were engaged by a client to run a cultural behavioural management training programme to help them implement a transformation change programme within a challenging business environment.

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  • Service 1

Cultural behavioural management

  • Service 1


Our consultants were engaged by our client amid really challenging times: threatened with closure, challenges from the unions and issues with pensions. They wanted to implement a transformation change programme and asked for our help in piloting a cultural behavioural management training programme. 

We spent three days fact finding with the senior leadership team and other nominated members of the workforce, and delivered a bespoke pilot course, weaving the findings into the coursework. Delegates consisted of the senior leadership team, UK directors, technical, learning and HR operations, and works managers from different disciplines.  

The programme started with a focus on safety; by module two there was clear change in the behaviours of the delegates on the pilot course and a clear understanding of leadership key behaviours.  

By the end of module three our team was asked to deliver a cultural behavioural management programme throughout the entire organisation which is on-going 

Understanding behavioural principles gave the management team an insight into their own behaviour when having difficult conversations including a greater understanding of the unions verbal behaviour and positioning, what was reinforcing the union statements and how management, with self-awareness, could modify their responses. 

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