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Carbon reduction

Leading the development of the next generation in pre-combusion carbon capture technology

Costain was selected by Energy Technology Institute (ETI) to lead the development of a Next Generation Carbon Capture Technology (NGCT), to be used with Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plants.

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Energy Technology Institute (ETI)

ETI is a partnership between the UK government and six of the world’s most recognised industrial companies: BP, Caterpillar, EDF, E-ON, Rolls-Royce and Shell.

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Strategic consultancy
Consultancy & advisory


ETI's specfic targets

Reduction in capital cost and increase in efficiency

Reduced the the capital cost of an IGCC power generating plant by 6%

Improved the overall efficiency by 1% and high CO2 capture levels (+95%)

Costain developed NGCT, a low temperature physical separation technology for the capture of carbon dioxide in a pre-combustion process. The solution is focused on improving performance through optimising the benefits in separating CO2 from the syngas through low temperature/compression. Costain has patents for the solution.


We worked closely with Edinburgh University and Imperial College and led the conceptual study and FEED work for project. Solutions were provided in the following way:

  • By using our extensive experience in cryogenic separation and our patented technology, we achieved low temperature capture of CO2 (>95%) and produced high pressure CO2.
  • By using our novel technology, which uses physical separation, we developed an inherently simpler and, consequently, more efficient process.
  • Our process reduces the capital and operating costs of the solvent absorption unit and the CO2 compressor. 

The outcome of the specialist consultancy work carried out for the ETI was a complete design for the installation of the pilot plant using the Costain patented capture technology.

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Rob Phillips, Sector Director
0161 910 3444
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