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Comment and opinion

Sept 18 progress of Crossrail Bond Street Escaltors

The escalator challenge

Every infrastructure project comes with its own unique set of challenges and specific site characteristics, which is why variety is never in short supply when it comes to being an engineer. That is certainly the case for the work I am currently overseeing at Bond Street station which forms part of the Crossrail project and the construction of the Elizabeth line - London’s newest railway.

Gareth Davis, Costain

10 guiding principles for energy and resource efficiency

I was recently invited to be a contributing author of the Institute of Chemical Engineer's energy and resource efficiency guide. My article provides a summary of the 10 guiding principles. Although the guide has been written from the perspective of industrial plant, it contains guiding principles that will ring true for any business…

Phil Carson Costain

This generation's biggest challenge

A report was published towards the end of last year by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) claiming that the global temperature rise needed to be capped at 1.5° rather than the previously stated 2° (rise measured against pre-industrial global temperatures). The last time the global temperature spiked in such a dramatic fashion was 56 million years ago when a vast quantity of carbon was injected into the earth’s atmosphere. The outcome of which completely flipped the world on its head.

Kevin Reeves

Moving towards the infrastructure digital twin

The digital twin is something I have been fascinated with throughout my career. I started life as a control systems engineer with a particular skill in complex SCADA systems, which could be considered as early 2D versions of a modern digital twin solution but with limited analytical capabilities.

Amy Shuffleton, Costain

Costain is fully committed to Waste to Wealth

In October 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a stark warning: ‘we have just 12 years to mitigate the risk to catastrophic climate change and reverse the destruction of natural habitats’. We must make the most out of precious resources, aim to waste as little as possible and find ways of turning the waste we do create into new wealth.

Enabling connected and autonomous vehicles

We are in the middle of a connectivity revolution. Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) have the potential to fundamentally change the way we live, work and drive.

Faye Banks, Costain director of energy

My story: Q&A with Faye Banks, director of energy.

We've been chatting to some of our team about their Costain journey and how their work at Costain looks to change the world we are living in today. Here we speak with Costain’s director of energy, Faye Banks about her route to success, her advice to her younger self and how to attract talent into STEM subjects.

Suitability of hydrogen as a catalyst for clean growth

At Costain, we believe one of the most practical options for clean energy growth is hydrogen. We are working with industrial, academic and governmental partners to propose safe, cost effective approaches to the use of hydrogen across the energy market, for industrial and domestic power and heat as well as an alternative fuel for transport.

Jennifer Pollard, Costain

A passion to protect the environment and raise awareness

Chartered Environmentalist, Jennifer Pollard, has a passion to protect the environment and raise environmental awareness. As part of Green Great Britain Week, she tells us about her career journey and the work she has been involved in, doing what she loves.

Maxine Mayhew

Costain responds to submission of water company AMP 7 business plans

It is going to be a busy few months at Ofwat, the regulator for the water sector. They will be poring over the business plans which have just been submitted by the UK’s water companies setting out their five years plans for delivering for customers and the environment. Read our insights...